Friday, February 17, 2012

Dollar Store Lagniappe

I ran into our Vicksburg Dollar Tree store yesterday to see if they had any new things in for Spring, and had fun browsing the aisles to see what treasures I might find lurking on the shelves (it doesn't take much to entertain me).

They had two or three aisles filled with Easter decor and decorations, and I found several things I thought were cute.

The first thing that caught my attention was this pretty wired ribbon decorated with pastel-colored Easter eggs ...

The rolls are 9 feet long and will make beautiful bows for our grandchildren's Easter baskets!

I love pastel colors, and was delighted to find this pretty tissue paper featuring dainty little flowers and butterflies — and the fact that it was made in the USA, made it even nicer!

I also found a couple of things for our granddaughter Avery's basket. She loves to play Tic Tac Toe, and I think she will love this little bunny game ...

And these colorful pencils with Easter and Spring designs on them ...

I couldn't resist these pretty paper plates. Avery will love using them when she's at our house during Spring Break and Easter ...

I think they are as cute, if not cuter, than some you find at Hallmark, and you can't beat the price of eight for a dollar!

After I left the holiday aisles, I browsed through some of the household item displays and found this set of glass salt and pepper shakers, which are a perfect size for everyday use.

I don't know about you, but I love thin wash cloths, especially for bathing little ones. These will probably fade and may not last very long, but for the great price of two for a dollar, I couldn't resist them.

I also picked up some Hefty zip lock bags, a bag of 10 Spic and Span latex disposable gloves, and a couple of really nice Rubbermaid storage containers -- all for a dollar each!

By the time I finished writing this, I was already sorry that I didn't get more of the tissue paper and wash cloths.

I don't go to Dollar Tree very often, but I had so much fun sharing the things I found during my recent visit that I'm inspired to check out some of the other Dollar Tree stores in the area. There's one in Clinton, which is about 30 minutes from Vicksburg, and there's a fairly new one in Madison, which isn't too much further ... and I'm sure there are several in Jackson, too!

Hmmmm ... I wonder if they have that pretty tissue paper and thin wash cloths. I may just have to go see!


racheld said...

You and my heart---my missing Shopping Gene wakens just a little bit, opening one wary eye, and blearily focusing on the pretty little Easter papers and ribbons, (I have to go SEE where we stored that very pattern cloth, from a couple of years ago).

The absolute force of the smothery boredom which envelops me in a clothing store is totally missing when I approach any aisle with Rubbermaid or Glad-ware---there's just something about those Things in Dishes awaiting in the fridge. And in having plenty of empty ones to fit goodies after parties to go home with guests.

I love the inconsequential and everyday places that you find your Lagniappe---if only everyone could recognize the little places, the ordinaries, the small gifts just hidden away and waiting.

LindaG said...

You make me think that I should check mine!

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Loui♥ said...

i too love my Dollar Tree..
seasonal "stuff"
greeting cards..2 for $1!
sweeteners..$1 a box of 100
laundry bleach...$1
just a few of my usual items..
and right next door is a consignment shop..the neatest place with such quality children's (GRAND baby) stuff!! and finally..another couple of blocks away..
my favorite shopping haunt.. Goodwill!!
warmest hugs..

Beverly said...

What a great post! I too love Dollar Tree. I may go in to buy household cleaner at a great price but usually browse every aisle and come away with about $25 worth of little treasures like these.