Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pink Magnolias

One of my favorite Spring-flowering trees is the Japanese Magnolia Tree. You may know it as a "Tulip tree," or a "Saucer Magnolia tree" ... but whatever you call it, it is truly breathtaking this time of year.

Here are a few close up pictures I captured of blossoms on a tree in Vicksburg.

Aren't they exquisite! — and no two are alike.

You can see in this next picture why it is also called a "Saucer Magnolia."

I know we still have several weeks of winter left, but I think Japanese Magnolia trees are one of God's loveliest ways to remind us that Spring is, indeed, just around the corner!


Merisi said...

Magnificent images! :-)

Are you saying that you took the pictures recently?
All that's pink here is the sky before sunrise, temperatures below zero for I don't even want to remember how many days. Feels like forever!

Warm greetings and best wishes,

LindaG said...

Beautiful flowers!
We only have the normal white flowers around here.
Thanks for sharing!

racheld said...

Exquisite is the word---and hopeful. It's just so lovely to see such grandeur of Spring that's in full blossom SOMEWHERE, whilst we gaze out at the gray-brown mud.

It's 33 here, so there IS hope.

Thank you for being the harbinger!


Dorothy said...

Gorgeous!! My Sis was some very large trees and she is hoping the buds don't get frozen this weekend! Your pictures are wonderful!

Richard Cottrell said...

We have them here but do not bloom till April or so, they are a mast of bright color, makes a mess when they fall. Richard from My Old Historic House.

nancygrayce said...

I've always heard Tulip tree....they are beautiful whatever they're called! Great pictures!