Saturday, February 18, 2012

Red Tulips

These red tulips were part of a beautiful bouquet of flowers my husband gave me for Valentine's Day. I don't know what I did to deserve such a sweet and loving husband, but I thank the good Lord for him and the life we have together.

The tulips were mixed with clusters of white sweetheart roses which I removed after they wilted, but I couldn't bear to let the tulips fade before getting some pictures of them. Here are my favorites:

Aren't they absolutely exquisite!

Best wishes to you for a weekend as lovely!


Dorothy said...

Those are some beautiful red tulips!!
How sweet of your hubby to remember you with flowers!!!

Stacey said...

How beautiful! I was just cleaning house this morning and thinking that tulips would be a treat. Now I have to go find some, for sure. :)

Richard Cottrell said...

It usually takes sweet, to get sweet back. They are divine. Richard from My Old Historic House.

racheld said...

I strolled the tulip-stands at the grocery store just Thursday---they are almost all fully opened now, and are showing their different personalities, with the blush-throats and surprise of bright yellow-inside-red.

I cannot QUITE make out the vase---the shield-shaped embellishment---is that handles? Another sway of the glass? The leaves obscure the shape of the urn-part.

Just beautiful, and you just seem to draw the most wonderful light there is into all your photos.

Glenda said...

Nothing prettier than red flowers! These are beautiful!

CraigHorman said...

I have more double-stemmed hyacinths appearing every day. I'm intrigued about why these have suddenly appeared this year when I've never had them before. All flowers are beautiful in their own way. But no other flowers herald spring like tulips. Tulips grow best in full sun in well-prepared soil with fast drainage. Avoid planting where water collects, or in locations that are prone to late frosts. craig