Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Lagniappe Kind of Day

[Image borrowed from the Internet]

Today is "Leap Day," and I'd like to wish a very Happy Birthday to all of you who were born on a Leap Day.

I like to think of today as being a "Lagniappe Kind of Day," and hope you find lagniappe wherever you go today.


racheld said...

My first words coming out of our room this a.m. were to Chris:

"Happy LEAP DAY!!! Will you Marry Me?"

He allowed as how he would, and we're betrothed.

My Lagniappe, I think, was the box that sorta nudged me in the ankle several times lately when I opened a closet. It was aggravating, but, like most lttle nudges in life, I responded by just grabbing it out from under the others and bringing it in here, to find that it held about a ream and a half of old e-mail between my best high-school friend and me, from 2002!

So I've spent the morning sitting with my coffee, re-living lots of 10-years-ago pages of what-I-was-doing then, with lots of funny, lots of remembering (we were planning a class reunion and doing that do-you-remember thing) and quite a bit of heart-baring on my side, for it was a VERY hard time at that moment for our family.

So from a pesky box to a morning of reminiscing (and quite a bit of blog-fodder, as well---the OLD times re-lived, from our high-school days), to gotta go pick up Sweetpea in a bit---that's quite a bit of "SOMETHING EXTRA."

Glenda said...

I like the idea of Leap Day being a little extra! Hope your day is a special one! I enjoy your photography.

Richard Cottrell said...

It has been a fun and beautiful leap day. Hope you are feeling better and can get up and have a great day. Richard from My Old Historic House.