Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Morning, Glory!

There's something magical about morning glories, which, true to their name, bloom gloriously in the morning, then swirl closed as the day fades. Mine haven't opened yet on this hot and sauna-like Monday morning here in Vicksburg, but I captured a couple of tightly shut little buds early this morning.

I can't blame these sweet little buds if they stay curled up all day today. Our weather station is registering 96 degrees right now, and it's just 10:00 a.m. The high today is supposed to be 103, with a heat index of 112.

Stay cool, little Morning Glories. I'll check back later today to see if you've opened.


RachelD said...

Little fairy-sconces, on the walls of delightfully-decorated meeting halls and bedrooms and bowers---opening to take the sun into their colorful solar panels inside.

They're much in demand on special evenings, when the same greeny-gold glow of fireflies just WON'T DO.

Can you see the pink and purple hues, flattering even more the perfect complexions of the fairy ladies in their ball gowns and wing jewelry?

Oh, My---what an enchanted place is your back garden!

Loui♥ said...

try to stay cool..
immerse yourself in the beauty of your photos..
dreaming of the beautiful new home you are planning on the lake..
cool, refreshing..water!!
warm sandy hugs..

Deb said...

very pretty photos...I love morning glories...mine are the same color

Stacey said...

Oh so pretty. :) You just made me realize that mine aren't really blooming. Need to go check on them. Stay cool! It was 103 here yesterday too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little buds! They remind me of some delicate pieces of Italian porcelain I inherited from my mother. :)

Tonja said...

Boodness! Rachel paints such a beautiful picture with her words!

Love these magical pictures. I would title these 'PROMISES'...deep inside that tight bud is the promise of a beautiful, colorful flower that will delight for the day and close to conserve that beauty for another time. Loved these!