Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the Rocks

It amazes me sometimes, not just how many pictures I have collected during my travels, but the variety of subjects I've photographed.

Yesterday afternoon, I happened to notice a rock in our pond that I've always called our "Mississippi rock," because it is shaped like our great state of Mississippi. It's the reddish one to the left of Harry, our Blue Heron.

Taking those pictures prompted me to think about some of the pictures I've captured of bigger rocks I've come across during our travels:

Along the Natchez Trace ...

The Ocoee River, near Copper Hill, Tennessee ...

Mississippi's "Little Grand Canyon"
near Columbia, Mississippi ...

Mint Springs, Vicksburg, Mississippi

And while we're on the subject of ROCKS, have you ever thought about some of the expressions we use everyday that include the word rock? Here are just a few, if you're curious:

This cake is hard as a rock!

I couldn't make up my mind. I was between a rock and a hard place.

I like my Dr. Pepper on the rocks.

The accountant said their business is on the rocks.

His poll ratings have hit rock bottom.

Let's just leave things as they are and don't rock the boat.

And one of the latest usages of the word, if you say someone "rocks," you are complimenting them, as in "She rocks!" (Replaces cool, hip, and groovy.)

So, in closing, I hope your day rocks and you don't get caught between a rock and a hard place, or hit rock bottom. Try not to rock the boat, and stay cool by having all your drinks "on the rocks." Rock on, my friends!


PAT said...

This post "rocks", Janie!

Gorgeous images, as always!

Robert Walker said...

I've taken photos of Mint Springs many times, but never been there when it was that "open". So much sunlight. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!

RachelD said...

Great post, great pictures!! I remember the dizzy moment I had when I walked up to the edge of that red bluff in Columbia---what a dazzling surprise, right out there where one shouldn't be.

I'm a rock person, too, and we've collected them from all over. The nice man walking squat-legged trying to lug that huge rock to the car anywhere along a highway---that's Chris.

rachel---your off-her-rocker-friend

Jaybird said...

Your pictures are delightful!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I am a music director at a church, and several months ago we chose all of the service music of hymns that talked about the Rock of our Salvation! It was a fun job to find each hymn and all of the other music! Thanks for a special memory!