Monday, September 27, 2010

"Chills and Tingles" Music

I love music, and appreciate all kinds of music, ranging from classical to the old "classic country" songs sung by Hank, Merle, Loretta, Conway, and George. I am awed by Pavarotti's Nessun Dorma, and have been known to rewind the cd to hear those last soul-stirring notes over and over again. The same is true of Hank Thompson's rendition of "Wild Side of Life." Quite a difference between the two, I know ... but I can't help it — I love that song!

I can't listen to music without being affected emotionally. It can bring me to tears (both sad and happy), cause chills and tingles to run up and down my spine, and give me a "lump" in my throat — sometimes, all at the same time. There are some songs that give me chills every single time I hear them, no matter how often I hear them.

I've made a list of some of my favorite chills-producing songs, and I'm sure some of these would be on your list, too. For instance, #1 on most of our lists would probably be The Star Spangled Banner, followed closely by Wagner's Wedding March, Taps, Pomp and Circumstance, Amazing Grace, and How Great Thou Art. Here's the rest of my list, which is in no particular order:

Danny Boy
The Way We Were (Barbra Streisand)
You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban)
In the Arms of the Angels
Scarlet Ribbons
I Believe
The Lord's Prayer
You'll Never Walk Alone
Silent Night
Ave Maria
There is a River
The Holy City
America the Beautiful
God Bless America (Kate Smith)
I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton)
Cover Me (Percy Sledge)
Anything by John Fogerty

I created a "playlist" which includes some of those songs, and if you would like to give them the "chills and tingles" test, just click on the arrow and then click on the songs you would like to hear. I would love for you to share some of your favorites, too.

And while I'm on the subject of music's effect on our emotions, I would also like to share one of my favorite chills-producing renditions of How Great Thou Art. Be sure to scroll down below the playlist if you would like to see the YouTube clip.

If you were a fan of the TV show Designing Women, I think you will love seeing this clip from an episode featuring Julia (Dixie Carter) singing How Great Thou Art. It never ceases to wreak havoc on my emotions, and is my all-time favorite episode. The expressions on the faces of Suzanne, Mary Jo, Charlene, Anthony, and Reese are priceless (be sure and see Charlene's reaction at the end!).


racheld said...

I'm going to play every one of these when I'm alone in this room later.

I'd add---just a quick thought, for there are many, many:

Leonard Cohen's Alleluia

Willie Nelsons Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

I Shall Be Released ---Aaron Neville

And What Child is This, by my little smalltown choir, with a high soprano descant we improvised. It gives me chills and tears even to think of it.

Un bel Di

Almost anything by the chorus of an opera


Oh Holy Night

A country song by John Berry, with his silver tenor just ringing out: If I Had Any Pride Left at All.

And I second all of yours, especially TAPS---and with an echo, it sends me sobbing from the site.

racheld said...

And that spot in "White Christmas" when all the soldiers march in singing "We'll Follow the Old Man."

Jenni said...

I love a lot of those on your list too! I would have to add these:

I See a Crimson Stream of Blood

The Blood - by Andre' Crouch

The End of the Beginning - by David Phelps

Mary Did You Know - by Michael English

Halleluia Chorus - George Frederick Handel

Total Praise - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Fur Elise - Beethoven

Great thought provoking post! I have to many faves for one page! LOL!

Deb said...

I love your list...I love Designing picked a great clip...i have to add I hope you Dance to your list....

Tonja said...

Oh music...I so love it! I have been working on post about it, but I am still doing some of the research.
Mary Did You Know

I Can Only Imagine

Fly Me To the Moon

What a Wonderful World

Imagine...John Lennon

It Is Well With My Soul

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this post and also the extra musical selections suggested in the above comments. Thanks SO much for sharing the Dixie Carter video. I had not run across it on YouTube, but now I've added it to the TOP of my list of Favorites! It was just what I needed to hear today! :)