Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Roses of Summer

As the last days of summer dwindle away, teasing us with a hint of Fall in the air, sadly, the flowers of summer are slowly fading in intensity and in number. Yesterday, I noticed a few sweet little rosebuds lingering on a rose vine growing on an arbor over the path leading from our courtyard to our back yard. This is the way it looked in April ...

And here is a cluster of buds I captured with my camera yesterday.

This winter, they will remind me of the hot and humid summer days I've been whining about the past few weeks ... and will be wishing for in January.

I can't remember what kind of rose this is, but it has bloomed off and on all summer and smells heavenly.

Our Little Gem Magnolia blooms are dwindling, too, and they're mostly at the tips of the top branches, as if they're reaching for the fading warmth of the summer sun.

It's kind of sad to see summer slipping away, but "for every thing there is a season," and I plan to enjoy the Fall season to the fullest.


Merisi said...

"And summer's lease hath all too short a date,"
and nothing has changed since Shakespeare day!
Gorgeous images, though.

Tonja said...

There is just the smell of fall in the air. And, the leaves may turn and fall, but it will be hot for a good long while here.

racheld said...


The new picture on your headboard is SO reminiscent of the wisp-pale pink roses on my BEE-loved little "individual iced cakes." The icing was always that shade which bespeaks a happy birthday or a pretty tea party.

I DO love the four blooms you've chosen---like the thistle on my own headboard, there's the baby peeking from the green, the little-bit-older young'un out and looking around, the mature, lovely lady with her skirts JUST SO, and the last sundown of the spent rose, left with only memories.

So beautiful, as always.

Deb said...

pretty roses..not ready for summer to end...of course here in Texas it will last a little longer...

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

I always enjoy your photography Janie, I wonder if you have thought of publishing it in a book, Thank you for sharing the beauty that you find.

I enjoyed seeing your fall center piece, very pretty. i am seeing a lot of baskets in fall decorating magazines this year, and am getting some ideas.
I have been looking forward to fall, as our summer has been extremely hot and dry, as you probably have too.
Thank you for your visit.