Monday, January 7, 2013

January Lagniappe

I had some time over the weekend to play with my new camera (a Canon 5D), and started at our front gate and walked around the yard to see what pictures might be lurking there.

One of the first things I noticed was how the sun was highlighting the tip of one of the pineapples on the brick wall beside the gate.

I like the contrast of the brilliant blue January sky behind it.

And speaking of "lurking" ... I caught Maude and Claude cuddling under the Japanese Maple tree. Maude looked embarrassed, and Claude didn't look very happy to see me at all.

I left them to their cuddling, and stopped to capture the only color in our courtyard this time of year -- my blue pansies!

My little Peace sign always brightens my day ...

I think the jasmine beside our stream looks pretty in its winter colors ...

The Miscanthus "Maiden’s Grass" in the courtyard has almost taken over our granddaughter Avery Grace's little patio chair.

We'll cut it back in a few weeks, but, for now, I like its graceful feathery plumes dancing in the winter breezes.

I love birds, but I can't tell a sparrow from a wren. I think this little fellow may be a sparrow. Whatever he is, he was well camouflaged in the branches of our Chaste Tree. The shadows helped to hide him even more.

Over the weekend, we visited the Wild Birds Unlimited shop in Jackson, and bought a feeder for cardinals and some sunflower chips to attract them. We have one little cardinal couple who come to our courtyard, and I hope they will spread the word to their friends and family. We also bought some thistle for our finch feeder. The Wild Birds lady said "they are here" ... so, hopefully, I will have some bird pictures to share soon!

As I walked down the path connecting our courtyard to the backyard, I spotted this perfect little Christmas Camellia blossom hiding under some leaves ...

Unfortunately, my picture isn't perfect, but I'm working on that!

Here's another bloom that hasn't opened yet ...

Have you ever wondered why some leaves seem to defy Nature and refuse to fall, in spite of winter's chilly wind and rain?

These sycamore leaves will probably still be hanging there until little green ones take their place in the Spring.

And speaking of Spring ... I was happy to see these bright green daylily leaves popping up in a flower bed.

There are also new Louisiana Irises coming up amongst the old ones, which should have been cut back.

The cold has finally taken a toll on my Mexican Petunias, but there are still a few of them that haven't succumbed yet ...

My "walk-by" photo shoot was fun and inspiring. The winter rains are supposed to be coming back in a day or so, but at least I was able to capture a part of that one beautiful sunshiny day.


Stacey said...

You got a new camera? You already take the best pictures of all. You should share your tips occasionally.

Bobbie said...

Beautiful pictures! My little camilla bush is not quite blooming yet but has A LOT of buds. I am anxiously awaiting blooms

Marti said...

Your pictures all look perfect to me. I'd like to learn how to use my Canon.

Pat said...

I enjoyed the walk through your garden area. I love the way you "see" and enjoy all the beauty around us.

I love the photos with your new camera and look forward to the next segment.

Happy Winter
Pat in Tallahassee

Carolyn said...

I loved the walk around the yard. Even in winter nature is beautiful.

Dorothy said...

Great pictures!! They don't have to be perfect! They just need to be pleasing to YOU! Enjoy your new camera!! I got a new one, too...a Nikon I just need to read (and remember) that manual!!!!!

Sue said...

That new camera is great, of course the real trick behind beautiful photography is the one behind the camera, and Yours are so beautiful..My pansies are just starting to bloom.
Enjoy your day.

C. M. Designs said...

I always love to see your garden pictures Janie. Your pansies are lovely..

I don't know when I'll have flowers blooming here in Va.
The weatherman says we are going to have our January thaw this week and weekend and then "look out".. I don't know what that will mean.

Would love to move South~~~don't like the cold weather anymore..And, if we can't have snow for Christmas I don't want any. ;o)

Have a happy week.
Hugs, Charlotte