Monday, January 28, 2013

Garden Art Part 1: Statues

My husband and I recently made a day trip from Vicksburg to Columbia, Mississippi, which is about two and a half hours away. We traveled the back roads, and it was so nice to get off the beaten path and stop when we wanted to get a closer look at something.

We were on our way home that afternoon, traveling on MS Highway 27, near Crystal Springs, when we saw a billboard sign advertising "Four Seasons Garden Art" ... and I knew right away that that was something I definitely wanted to get a closer look at.

It was a perfect day for strolling among Four Seasons' outdoor gallery of garden art, which was scattered over five acres.

Our "tour guide" was a very nice young man named Brandon, and I appreciate him allowing me to take pictures and answering my endless stream of questions, such as "What is this made of?" ..."How much is this one?" ... "Where was this made?"

Fours Seasons boasts an inventory including more than 50 styles of bird baths, and more than 200 styles of fountains, urns, planters, and small to life-size statues ... and I wish I could have photographed each and every one. Actually, I think I did pretty well to have captured in pictures as many as I did, during the brief time we were there.

I found the detailing and expressions of the life-size statues especially fascinating [you can click on the pictures to get a closer look].

The Lovely Ladies of Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

These two beautiful ladies are made of cast iron, and came all the way from Turkey. I think their $1500 price tag (each) is reasonable. I hope whoever buys them, buys both of them. It would be a shame to split them up.

This exquisite lady is made of bronze, and I believe she is from Thailand.

I love the little cherub and birds at her feet ...

Some more pretty ladies ...

I'm not so sure I would want that goose's (or swan's?) head that close to mine. He doesn't look very sweet, but perhaps he's just camera shy.

This bigger-than-life-size angel caught my eye, too ...

And there were little angels, as well ...

Here are a few more interesting statues ...

There was a large collection of religious figures ...

I've still got lots more pictures to share, but I'm going to end this part of my walk-by tour of Four Seasons here, and hope you will join me next time to see some of their gorgeous Fountains, Birdbaths, and Urns.

[Just for the record — I was not paid to take photographs or feature Four Seasons on my blog. I just enjoyed seeing their garden art so much that I wanted to share it with my readers.]

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