Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wistfully Wishing

Webster's defines the word Wistful as — full of yearning or desire tinged with melancholy; also, inspiring such yearning.

After about a week and a half of almost relentless rain and unseasonably warm temperatures (it was 78 in Vicksburg yesterday!), I have to admit that I'm already "wistfully wishing" and pining for Spring.

I know it's only January, and here in the South, we still have a couple of more months before we can even hope for signs of Spring (although I have noticed that Quince and Forsythia have been fooled by Mother Nature, and are already blooming because of the warm temperatures) ... but in the spirit of all that "wistfulness," I would like to share a few WISTeria blossoms I captured in pictures a couple of Springs ago.

I look forward to this Spring when I can capture some new Wisteria pictures, but, for now, these will add a little sunshine to these stormy, rainy winter days.

I hope they brighten your day, whatever the weather is where you live.


Richard Cottrell said...

Here in Missouri I have Jonquils poking up, Bless there sweet little hearts, It was 20 last nite and sleet. Some how nature protects. I have several brown spots on my magnolias. I am concerned. Do you think it wind burn? Brown spot? We are dry here, could that be it? I'll send pictures. Thanks, Richard

Sue said...

One of my favorite blooms, and Oh how they re so fragrant, I am longing for spring and it wonder.
Enjoy your Sunday evening,

Marti said...

Looking at your photos I can almost smell them. I hadn't been looking forward to spring (I enjoy the time off from heat and humidity), but I love the smell of wisteria in my yard in spring. Thanks for the memory.

Pat said...


What beautiful pictures! ... Such a nice reminder of the Springtime that will be here before we know it.

Happy days to you.
Pat in Tallahassee

Merisi said...

Thank you for such beauty, in the midst of a very cold January! Even in Rome, wisteria only blooms in April.

I remember springs in Georgia. The city of Brunswick was covered in wisteria blooms.

Jenni said...

My Grandmother had wisteria in her yard in East Texas,years and years ago... and it was so lovely!!! And smelled pretty, too! I remember being afraid of those big bumble bees, though.... glad yours is bumble bee free!