Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome Back, Sunshine!

After about two weeks of steady rain and cold and dreary days, the sun made an appearance yesterday. I felt like a bear must feel coming out of hibernation after a long winter's nap, and I couldn't wait to get out and enjoy the brightness of the day.

I decided to take my cameras and drive over to the Vicksburg National Cemetery, located inside the Vicksburg National Military Park, which is a ten-minute drive from my house.

I had a destination in mind and it didn't take me long to weave my way through the cemetery to the site of the majestic old Gingko tree, standing tall and proud high on a hill overlooking the Port of Vicksburg in the distance.

I love that old tree and have photographed it on many occasions.

Standing under its canopy is truly an awe-inspiring experience, and I have wished on more than one occasion that it could talk and share the stories and scenes it must have witnessed during its lifetime.

Our sunny skies are supposed to be with us for several days and my husband and I plan to get out this weekend and do some exploring "off the beaten path." You never know what you may find down all those "less-traveled" country roads.


Dorothy said...

Love the pictures of this nice old tree in different seasons of the year!

C. M. Designs said...

Enjoy your weekend and the "less-traveled" country roads.. Can't wait to see what you may find to take pictures of.
We finally have the sun shining on us today here in "Virginny".. ;o)
The old gingko tree sure would have a story to tell if it could talk.
Enjoy !

Loui♥ said...

beautiful Photos!!
just a quick note..
we already are in Florida.. home town..
Panama City is preferable as it is closer to my siblings!!
we hope to make that our final home!
big smiles..

Carolyn said...

We had wonderful sunshine as well!
I always love your photos of the cemetery. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Judy said...

hi janie,

my husband and i were talking last night about another quick little trip to vicksburg next month, we enjoyed our last visit so much and thanks to your help, were able to visit and see many places we would not have otherwise known about.

i'll let you know if (and when) we are coming back to vicksburg!

racheld said...

I've always loved revisiting your Tree, and think of her every Fall, showering her golden tears upon the fallen heroes.

We've had wonderful sun for the past few days as well, and more is promised. And January is still BRIGHT for me, so that's a great blessing.

So glad all is well with Y'all,