Monday, March 7, 2011

Lovely Loropetalum

Our Loropetalum plants are in full bloom now, and I love their airy fringe-like magenta blossoms.

Although their name may be hard to say (loro-pet'-a-lum), they make a colorful display in the Spring.

Gardeners who want to avoid trying to pronounce Loropetalum may refer to it by its common name, Chinese Witch Hazel, or Chinese Fringe.

A native of China and Japan, this large colorful shrub seems to thrive in the lower and coastal South. But, according to an article in Southern Living magazine, when you see knee-high plants at the nursery, don't be misled. They don't waste much time filling out and can grow up to three feet in a season! At maturity, some selections will grow up to 12 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide.

If you have a larger corner to fill in a flower bed that gets full sun to partial shade, I think you would love a Loropetalum. Not only are they beautiful when they bloom in the Spring, but their purple-green foliage is striking in the summer and fall, too.


Merisi said...

Simply gorgeous! :-)

Spring is in full swing already in your part of the world!
Here, March burst through the gate with a mass of icy air from Russia (with love???), but by week's end temperatures should be springlike.

A wonderful week to you,

Southern Lady said...

RACHEL: I accidentally deleted your comment, so I am reposting it in my name. Sorry about that.

From Rachel at Lawn Tea:

Frizzy Tree!!! My name for the bushes at Mammaw's which looked like an odd chicken she kept because of its zany feathers, which stood out in a fluff every which-way.

I LOVE these, and just your saying "our ---- are in full bloom now, whilst we're wading icy mud and still in the hat-and-coat stage. Just lovely and Springy and a wonderful BRIGHT for this cloudy Monday!

Special thanks for the magnolia!!! It's my header picture today, and is also appearing on the sidebar of all the blogs which have LAWN TEA listed on there. Simply gorgeous. It makes me want to hold my breath.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful picture of one of my favorites. Such a pretty and unusual color of bloom.
Glad you all are home and recovering.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I call them Chinese Witch Hazel and my bush is in full bloom. Last summer when we had our new roof put on the guy who pulled the truck up to the house to throw they old shingles in, ran over it and broke it in half. Just made me sick cause I had to cut it back almost to the ground. This year it is back as tall as before and a lot thicker.
Love your pictures they are great.

Sue said...

Enjoyed all of your spring photos, Janie! Thank you for sharing this plant, as I knew nothing about it. I always enjoy learning about new plants.