Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Green

There's a color crayon called Spring Green, and we're seeing a lot of that color here in Mississippi these days. Spring is literally "bursting out all over," and yesterday I captured a little of it in our own back yard.

This tiny little Mexican Petunia sprout was peeking through the pine straw ...

In a few weeks, it will be covered with bright purple blooms ...

My little "Mint Garden" is alive and well, already threatening to take over the path leading to the back yard. It will become a real problem this summer, but, for now, it's a welcome sign of Spring GREEN.

I was pleased to see my Amaryllis coming back. I hope it blooms again this year.

My favorite plants in our back yard are the Lady Banks Roses growing along the fence. This picture was taken last April, when they were in full bloom.

They are literally loaded with buds and tiny clusters of blooms right now, on the verge of bursting into a blaze of color.

I love to photograph my Lady Banks when they are in full bloom, so I'm sure you will see more pictures of them soon.

Our Hollies and Ligustrums are sporting new leaves and flowers, too ...

And the Climbing Rose on my arbor has bright shiny leaves and sharp little red thorns ...

I have several Asparagus Ferns scattered around the yard, and I noticed that they have new green fronds reaching for the Spring sunshine.

Our courtyard is awakening too, with Spring Green leaves popping out everywhere, some of them seemingly almost overnight.

Japanese Maple Tree

In a couple of weeks, it will look like this ...

Remember the Lilac Chaste Tree I featured in a post a while ago?
Well, it has baby leaves popping out on it now, too ...

Our pond and waterfall plants were cut back in February, to make room for new growth, and they have looked rather depressing. I was so glad to see a few new green leaves peeking out in and amongst the brown ...

Umbrella Plant

I can't wait for them to look like this again!

I can't remember what this water plant is called, but it has delicate little pink flowers that bloom during the Summer into early Fall.

Isn't it amazing that those little leaves turn into this!

This is a Corkscrew Plant. I love the rich green color of its twisted "spikes."

Even the weeds coming up between the stones on our path are a pretty spring green color!

I hope you are seeing lots of Spring Green where you live. If not, then perhaps you just need to take a closer look.


Picket said...

Girl you always take such beautiful pics...love seeing all the green coming to life at your place..I use to have two Lady Banks Roses...I miss them so...I need to plant me one again...Our blooming crabapples are just glorious this year and the yellowbells and redbud...one of our big dogwoods didn't make it..but the clematis vines are finding their way back to life...there was so much destroyed in the back yard but I am just thankful to be back home and even have a backyard to play in..thanks for posting this sweetie...gives me hope again....Love ya girl...have a great week....Picket

racheld said...

OH, the GREEN!!! We've been starving for it, and now you've opened the menu with a delicious spread.

Between this and our jam session with Beverly's "Bobby McGee" this morning, it's certainly getting brighter on this dark cloudy day.

Thank you for sharing all these---they're Hope on the page, and such memories for me---up here, you can't count on things from year to year. You never know what WILL survive and what won't.

Do the Lady Banks bloom all Summer? I've never seen those before, and they're a marvel.

Anonymous said...

I love these beautiful glimpses of spring green, Janie.

We had about 3 inches of snow yesterday. It snowed from before daylight until evening. It's melting fast though. That's the beauty of late winter snows in Missouri, they melt fast and tend to be very pretty, because they are moist snows.

Lori said...

I'm catching up on Spring Break adventures and then my blog will change to the other end of the Mississippi River while it rises to flood stage again outside my door! I so enjoy seeing life on the other end of the river.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Janie,
Enjoyed seeing spring at your house! I'm so ready for all of it!

Love your Lady Banks...I have one I dug up and brought with me several years ago when we moved...it has gotten huge!

I also enjoyed Avery's photos...it is wonderful that you are sharing your hobby with her!